Competition Commission Graduate Programme

Why you should become a Competition Cadet


fter successful completion of the Graduate Training Programme, the trainee will receive a certificate from the Commission, which can be used as proof of training and experience in competition regulation. This programme increases the employability of graduates in the market. The Commission provides trainees with a reasonable allowance on a monthly basis for the duration of the training period.

Furthermore, trainees are equipped with skills such as project management, computer literacy, report writing, time management and investigation skills. Although the Commission cannot guarantee trainees permanent positions, most of them have exited the programme into full time positions.

The Commission admits an average of 24 trainees into the programme on a yearly basis. Qualified candidates can apply throughout the year for any current graduate opportunities. Graduates may also apply annually in advance for the next years official intake (see timelines)

Message from the Deputy Commissioner

Hardin Ratshisusu
Deputy Commissioner

Being part of the Commission back when I started has been one fulfilling journey, full of experiences that no other institution can ever expose you to.


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